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"I just wanted to say that shooting with Chuck was an all-around great experience. I'm new to the modeling scene and he took the time to explain the what and why of what we did and made me feel very comfortable while learning something about shooting pictures. Of course the pictures are fantastic, great ideas and great end results. I can't wait to shoot more with him."



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"I highly recommend Chuck Schmitz.  He was professional through out the whole photo shoot and made me feel extremely comfortable.  I am looking forward to working with him in the future.  Thank you Chuck for making my first photo shoot a terrific experience!"



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"Working with Chuck has been an absolutely amazing experience.  I have finally quit counting how many times I've shot with him both on location and in the studio. His work is truly superb! His manner is professional, yet light enough for an easy chuckle.  Whether a model is just beginning or is well on her way, Chuck can find just the right shot to bring out the beauty in everyone, both inner and physical. Not once has Chuck ever asked me or pressured me to reveal any more or any less than I felt comfortable with, and that earns utmost respect in itself. Chuck is a wonderful person and you could certainly never be dissatisfied with his work or his patience.  Thank you Chuck for all you do for me and the many other aspiring beautiful women!"



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“I have worked with Chuck a couple of times now and have not been disappointed. He has given me several great shots for my personal use and is incredibly easy to work with.  He is very patient and actively listenedto any ideas I had.  Overall, Chuck was incredibly helpful creating interesting shots using the ideas and themes I had.  I look forward to working with him again!”

- Katrin


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“Chuck Schmitz is an all around great guy to work with.  Whether you are just starting out or a professional Chuck's images are a definite gem in any portfolio.”

-Trc’C James

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"It has been a great experience working with Chuck, not only he is a great photographer but he also is anunderstandable person. I have work with him for many times now and each time I learn something new with him, either a new pose or a new tip as far as what to wear for a session or not. The first time I shoot with him I must admit  I was excited and nervous, but after him being funny and having his wife around with her good sense of humor, I felt way much relax. Working with Chuck is like working with a long timefriend.... :) I would recommend Chuck because not only does he take amazing photos but he also likes to hear your ideas and what you have in mind, and to be honest, the session is more about what the model WANTS more than what he wants out of the model to pose."



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”My photoshoot with Chuck was the very first nude or partial nude experience that I had with a photographer. The work environment was very relaxing, very comfortable and very professonal. I would highly recommend him as a photogragher, he's very easy going and a delight to work with.”



” Chuck is one of the best photographers that I have worked with. No matter where you do your shoot he always comes up with the most dynamic photos. His photos always look very professional, I have used many of them and still use many other them to land many jobs like promotions for Budweiser beer, a job that without all his wonderful work I know I would not have gotten. Chuck is always so professional no matter where the shot is, many times he has opened his home so I could shoot there, and he was always very professional and always had the best suggestions on how to improve the photos shoot. Not only is he great to work with but he makes you feel comfortable no matter what the shoot. He is a very nice guy with a great sense of humor that can make anyone feel comfortable no matter if you’re fully clothed or not so much. Chuck always makes photo shoots so much fun to do and the photos always turn out wonderful and you get such a huge selection to choose from. I have worked with many photographers including master photographers, and his work is just so much better then many professional master photographers. If you need any more info or what to see any of my photos please email me”

- Brooke


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”Chuck was the first professional photographer I worked with.  The modeling material that I have read suggested that you bring a chaperone with you on every shoot.  I did the first time but the other five times I shot with him, I did not feel the need for a chaperone due to the comfort level. He is very easy to work with.  Our sessions have been very rewarding.   He has delivered high quality images that I use in my portfolios.    While shooting, he gives you guidance and offers suggestions if you run out of inspiration, but other than that pretty much leaves you to develop in front of the camera.  After every shoot he has given me a CD-Rom on the spot.  He has also sent me some really nice sepia images. We have shot in his studio and on different locations both indoors and outdoors.  I have more shoots planned with him, because he is such a pleasure to work with.  Before the shoot we discuss what we both want to achieve and the results have always been exactly what I wanted.  He really listens to the model. When I had problems with another photographer on a TFP shoot that didn't want to deliver the images, Chuck offered to help. I am really greatful to him for all the help and cooperation.  Chuck has been nothing but professional from day one and I would highly recommend working with him. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so."

- Lena


“Chuck is very professional and appropiate. Before I worked with him, I did checked reference on him and after I meet him I was very comfortable.”

- AkhurEmail


“Chuck is a great photographer!  He is very professional and a pleasure to work with.  His images are very professional and his experience really shines through.  I would definately recommend working with him!”

- Megan Fisher


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“Chuck is the Best!!!  He shot my wedding, & all the pics turned out great.  I feel very comfortable with him, in every environment! A++++++”

- Staci Spence Retzlaff 


“Chuck is a very professional photographer and made me feel very comfortable during our shoot. I highly recommend Chuck. He is very talented and I enjoyed working with him very much.”



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“Chuck was the first photographer that I ever shot nudes with. He was very professional, and never once did I feel uncomfortable  with anything he asked of me. I would work with him anytime! from our first shoot to the most recent, I have always been very happy with the results.”

- Xotica


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“Chuck is an amazing photographer with a great eye for detail. He is very easy to work with.  I have only worked with him one time, but I felt like I have been working with him for years.”



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“I attended a photo shoot w/ Chuck as a chaperone for a few models and as a student photographer.  Chuck has the utmost professionalism and respect for his models, and is a great help for those just coming into the business, whether as a model or as a photographer.  He produced great photos for the models, and really showed them in the most flattering attractive ways possible.  At no point did he push them to uncomfortable areas - he always worked directly with them and gave them artistic freedom, yet maintained control and gave excellent direction.  I learned a lot from him that day. He's an excellent photographer, and an all around nice guy to work with, and I give him my highest recommendations!  Chuck, you are the best!!”

-Melissa Cozis



"I worked with Chuck while visiting from France and will be doing so again when I return this summer. He is a very professional photographer and  mixes both nature (water, forest..) and modeling to create nice pictures! It was a wonderful adventure as I'm a nature person! If you want to see examples of the photos we have done, please don't hesitate to ask! Unlike some other photographers I’ve worked with, Chuck was very nice, respectful,  and welcoming - and he is impassioned more by his work than making money. I really like this quality in him! To model for  him is an experience to do, experiment cause it's unique ! :) Don't hesitate to contact me for advice (I worked with many photographers while  in Texas) as I will be glad to help in any way I can!”



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